Are job ads dead?

07. November 2022

By Stephan Breitfeld 

We are fortunate to navigate an industry of major growth! So far so good. Growth, innovation and disruption call for a great number of talented people and some fine leadership to be able to keep up. And you might have noticed, times are changing. The job market is not an easy beast to tame, nor is it a calm pond, where every swing of a fishing rod gets you the exact fish you need. The process involves sifting through multitudes of candidates in order to understand thoroughly where objectives and expectations of both – a client and a candidate – align. It means identifying, targeting, assessing, and approaching candidates in the market directly and individually, to fulfill the very mission a company sets for itself. It’s about answering individual needs of every client with surgical precision taking a holistic approach to their benefit.

Times where you put out a job ad, got hundreds of applications and people going above and beyond to get the job are over. I hate to break it to you.

CV engines and networking platforms?

Perhaps not the best way of finding candidates: there is far more beyond professional credentials and nicely arranged descriptions of oneself. It’s rather about establishing trustful human communication. There is no other way of getting to know your candidates if not through direct conversation. This adds up to learning about candidates’ soft skills and identifying whether they can become a good cultural fit to the company. It’s not about a new job opportunity per se, but rather about personal matters of psychological domain that can impact working behavior resulting in success or failure. At the end of the day, what counts most is the feeling of a purposeful discussion, whatever the outcome is.

Investment for the future

It’s important to keep in mind that by approaching candidates directly you ultimately invest, nurture, and strengthen your network. No doubt, having a few hundreds of great CVs (that you got sent over to, because of an “We’re hiring” ad you’d posted yesterday) is terrific. But does it actually mean anything, if you haven’t had a direct conversation with any of them even once? Spoiler alert! Not really. The right way is to approach candidates directly to get to know them beyond their credentials and technical expertise – exactly what company like ours does. You want your candidates to be full-fledged profiles instead of mere lists of names and CVs.

So, what does it leave us with? You only benefit from direct approach when hunting for talent. Every company has their individual goals and visions, so do candidates. Finding where those interlink and how both can benefit from each other can only be uncovered through direct discussion. Not only does it allow you to complete a candidate’s profile with all its diverse aspects, but it also allows it include this profile to your network in case the initial company doesn’t find them fit for a position – something job ads fall short at.

Sorry job ads, maybe some other time or in a different setting.


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