Accelerated English Learning Techniques

Watch the video to learn how scientifically proven training concepts, based on over 30 years of research, lead to the fastest learning results.


Spoiler ahead: here’s how to „kill two birds with one stone“.

✅ further develop professional competencies – specialist topics & soft skills.

✅ learn English at the same time

MICROLEARNING = learning in small bites.

Personalized, short content, from well known media.

✅ fits into our schedule

✅ matches our attention span.

✅ accurate fit through artificial intelligence.

✅ 70% less learning time


Spoiler ahead: hyper-personalization enables precision learning touchdowns

✅ Artificial intelligence personalizes your learning experience

✅ with a learning platform that learns with you in real time

✅ with up-to-date content from established media outlets


It’s all in the mix! People & digitization optimally combined.

✅ Blended learning makes English learning most effective

✅ combination of eLearning & live training with trained teachers

✅ maximum success in learning and optimum communication

✅ with people from all over the world.


Spoiler in advance: humans cannot be replaced by machines

✅ personalized English coaching & AI-driven learning technology.

✅ combination coaching & eLearning with certified English learning coaches

✅ for exceptional results

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