The people you need to recruit for the “new normal

People are still finding their way through the crisis and ever since the COVID-19 lockdown rules have started to loosen, there is this urge to go back to something. And you might have – as many others – noticed already that this is quite impossible. There is no real “going back” to something after this exceptional time. And maybe that’s better than it might seem. 

New normal = new people?

There are some key learnings from this crisis that should have changed the way you look at your business. It has shown that these times can come at any given moment and they call for a middle management that is resilient. Resilience has been around before this, but it has never been so crucially put to the test. Neither has the ability of the C-Suite to be ready for whatever comes next. It is not about being afraid of the next hit but being ready for the next hit – as well as setting the course for the “new normal”.

It helps to be aware of what the flexibility of workplace really means. Where is the work really done, not only physically but where is value created in your product, in your company? How is it created? To really know what you have to do to conquer the “new normal” now really means to know which people you need to hire right now. Hiring might not be the first thing on your mind in difficult times, but it should be. And for a lot of people it is. And who is it, whom you need to hire right now?


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