Please don’t write me! The Problem with Annoying Mass Mails on LinkedIn

05. Juli 2023

By Stephan Breitfeld 

Oh, how we all love those messages. A seemingly harmless and maybe even half-way decent connection, a short message and there it is, 2-3 messages in, the blunt, annoying, unsolicited and 99% of the time useless (for me) service that I should totally get/buy/subscribe to. I’m not against forming connections on LinkedIn – a powerful professional networking platform – at all. In fact, I like the platform for being an essential tool for connecting with like-minded professionals, exploring career opportunities, and expanding our business networks. However, amidst the vast potential for meaningful connections, many users have encountered a growing nuisance: annoying and bothersome mass emails. Meaning also: on the other end many users have totally misunderstood what LinkedIn is for.

Ruining the experience 1×1

Frankly, these people are in large parts ruining my LinkedIn experience. And I’m sure yours too. What aspects are wrong with these messages? Let’s see:

1.    Lack of Personalization: One of the primary concerns with mass emails on LinkedIn is the lack of personalization. Instead of taking the time to understand recipients‘ needs, interests, and professional backgrounds, senders often resort to generic templates that are clearly not tailored to individual recipients. As a result, these emails feel impersonal, irrelevant, and fail to engage recipients effectively.

2.    Disruption of Professional Workflow: LinkedIn serves as a platform for professional networking and knowledge-sharing. However, the influx of mass emails disrupts users‘ workflow and hampers the efficiency of the platform. Constantly being bombarded with unsolicited messages diverts attention from meaningful interactions, valuable discussions, and legitimate business opportunities.

3.    Time-Wasting and Reduced Productivity: Receiving numerous mass emails that offer no value or relevance can be a significant time sink for LinkedIn users. Sorting through these messages, determining their worth, and crafting responses or deleting them adds unnecessary overhead to users‘ daily routines. Valuable time that could be invested in more meaningful engagements is wasted, resulting in reduced productivity and frustration.

4.    Negative Impression and Professional Reputation: Mass emails that lack personalization and relevance leave a negative impression on recipients. They convey a sense of carelessness, lack of professionalism, and disregard for recipients‘ time and interests. Senders who engage in such practices risk damaging their own professional reputation and credibility within the LinkedIn community.

5.    Deterioration of Trust and Engagement: Annoying and bothersome mass emails erode trust and engagement among LinkedIn users. When users repeatedly encounter irrelevant messages, they become less inclined to engage with their LinkedIn inbox or respond to genuine inquiries and collaboration opportunities. This deterioration in trust undermines the potential for fruitful connections and meaningful networking on the platform.

Stop it – you’re better than this!

Is this also your experience? While LinkedIn offers immense potential for professional networking and growth, the prevalence of annoying and bothersome mass emails hampers users‘ experience and diminishes the platform’s effectiveness. It is crucial for senders to prioritize personalization, relevance, and professionalism when reaching out to fellow professionals on LinkedIn. By doing so, we can foster a more engaging and fruitful environment where meaningful connections thrive, and professionals can truly leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against connecting via LinkedIn – on the contrary. If done properly it can be very useful. I also write mails to people I’m not connected to. What I’m talking about are the mails where I’m offered diet products for overweight managers, or simply services I offer myself or really disconnected messages where I don’t even know what they are about. Where a simple look on my profile picture, my company name completely discredits the messages and messenger.

Remember, building successful connections on LinkedIn is all about quality, not quantity. Let’s strive for professionalism, personalization, and respect in our interactions, making LinkedIn a platform that truly empowers professionals worldwide. And stop writing me, asking whether I have capacities for new client’s, whether I want to discuss with a likeminded individual or just empty your sales pitch all over my inbox. Do your homework and try again. I would love to be converted!

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