Do these times call for more Pro Bono / highly-reduced cost collaborations?

Autor: Stephan B. Breitfeld

Should you offer your services for free or at least for a highly-reduced price? It’s a question that I’ve come to think differently about in recent times. Different times call for different approaches. And more of an open mind. The last couple of months have driven a lot of changes and business models had to be rewired or extended. And branching into a different field or opening up doors to new clients sometimes enrich a portfolio significantly. Can it be useful to give your professional help away for free or at much less cost? Or can it even be a moral obligation?

What’s the perk (and downside) of pro bono?

Let’s take a quick dive into definitions: Pro bono means professionals offer their services for free or at a highly discounted rate. It’s a bit like donating your professional skills to a cause. Do good and talk about it. But taking it away from a pure business perspective pro bono work also means offering services to someone who might normally not be able to afford it or might not be able to afford it under current circumstances.


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