The mindset of the C-Suite – what does it take?

Professionally I need to get into the mind of the C-Suite all the time. I not only need to understand what the decision makers in a company need but I also need to assess people’s ability to cut it in a C-level position. Both angles need a quite detailed understanding of what it takes to succeed in the C-Suite. Don’t get me wrong – we’re talking about very different people in very different companies and even industries, so there is not a single type that fits. But there are certain traits and tendencies that occur more often in C-level positions and a certain mindset that helps a lot along the way.

On the spot and everywhere

One of the things I have observed in C-level roles is that you need to master the art of being two opposing things at once. You need to be open-minded and very focused, you need to let go and be in control, you need to constantly develop and be consistent. It continues to amaze me that successful leaders are actually able to do this.


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